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Pictures from the May meeting. 5-8-2015

Sorry I didn't get any pictures of the May meeting.
My Phone was Dead. I'll get some next meeting folks.
Promise. =)

Pictures from the April meeting. 4-10-2015

Kevin's Atari 400

Jonathan Fixing some SD cards for friends

Aaron and Dale Chatting.

Aaron's Amiga 500 with ACA500 Expansion, In Action.

Bryce always has some sort of cool project going on.

Doug watches his daughters play the Colecovision Flashback.

Sal and his Almighty Amiga 2000.

Always a welcom supprize, Amanda (Sal's Wife) made it to the meeting.

Mike Playing the Vectrex. (Cool)

Dale's Amiga 4000 (Awesome!).

The Original ColecoVision Playing Galaxian.

Aaron fixing a Amiga 501 Upgrade for someone.

Sal, Working hard at the Amiga

Steven and his Son playing the Original NES.

Pictures from the March meeting. 3-13-2015

Dan and Mike D having a chat. Dan brought his VIC 20 and was writing a basic program on it.

Steven and his Son playing ''Battle Squadron'' on the Amiga 2000.

''Battle Squadron'' On Sal's Amiga 2000 using a Panasonic Digital Projector on a 100'' Screen

Sal Finally got a TI99/4a and some good games. Special thanks to Michael (In the picture) for bringing his joystick adapter for it.

Doug Brought his 2 Atari Lynx systems (He has almost all of the games) and his iCade. The Lynx were especially Awesome with the link cable for 2 player networked games.

Jonathan brought these two Mac Classics and had them linked for a Star Trek Type game using a phone line network.

Brian and Aaron. Arron is testing out his External Disk drive on one of Jonathan's Apple Mac Plus's. Brian brought a cool Late module Portable Tandy 1000. Wish I had got a picture of it. =)

Jonathan setting up his projector and Rokit 5 Speakers for Sal's Sega Saturn.

Jessica and Marci having some Pizza and chatting.

Doug. He's here and He Rocks.

General Fun at the meeting.

Group Photo March 2015. a Special Welcome to Bryce (Top Row, 3rd from right) from the Beaverton Commodore Group. Thanks for showing us all the cool C64 stuff (Small intergrated Screen Project) and bringing your Amiga 1200.

Pictures from the February meeting. 2-13-2015

A Great Group Photo.

Everyone enjoying the Game and Computer systems.

Mike Playing ''Battle Squadron'' On Sal's Amiga 2000

Another Photo of the systems that were on display this month.

Pictures from the January meeting. 1-9-2015

George having a good time and chatting a bit with Sal.

Dan posing for a typical "Hi, I'm Here" Photo. LOL

Mike Toasts Retro Computers, Flight Simulators and Diet Soda.

Aaron and Spencer Having some pizza and a chat.

A 64k, Stereo Pokey Atari 600XL and a Commodore 64c With the New SwinSID.

Maryanne Says "Hi" With a Smile.

Pizza, Soda and Chips. Food is always a welcome commodity. =)

A ColecoVision with 65 Carts to play and a Classic NES.

As Always, One of Sal's Decked Out Amiga 2000's and Mike Playing ''KLAX'' on the Amiga 500 With an ACA500 Upgrade Card.

The Club's Home Banner Looks pretty cool. Marci and Maryanne are enjoying making Pizza as well as eating it.

Jonathan and Michael hanging out while Marci laughs at something wierd Michael said.

Pictures from the December meeting. 12-5-2014

Paul and Dan Chatting while Michael looks through things on the Sale Table in the background.

Stuff on the Sale Table - Demon Attack For Atari 2600, I-War For Atari Jaguar,
Obliterator For Atari ST, Brain Dead 13 For Atari Jaguar CD and Venture For Atari 8-Bit

Some of the T-Shirts that were custom made for sale at the club

Dan's Amiga 1000, Michael's TI994a and Jonathan's C128 running CP/M

Some Of The Guys Chatting

Jonathan. He looks like he was just audited by the IRS. LOL

Jonathan's Commodore 128 running CP/M
in 80 columns on one screen and 40 column mode on a second monitor to the left.

Aaron's Amiga 500 Rev.6a Mobo and his Amiga 3000.

Kevin's 48k Atari 400 with Composite Video upgrade and Keyboard upgrade.

Sal's Daughter Marci and Tom Playing "Casino Games" on the Sega Genesis with Master system converter.

As Always, Sal's Decked out Amiga 2000 and Atari 2600 was present.

Sal's Amiga 500 with the New ACA500 Expansion and Commodore 64c with the new SwinSID sound chip replacement.

Pictures from the November meeting. 11-7-2014

Uh oh. Sal has drowned in the Snake River after getting typhoid in a game of Apple // ''Oregon Trail'' Lol

Jonathan Says: Ha, Ha Sal. You Died. LOL

Keven Brought Some KayPro II's to check out. Talk About Old School.

Ah. It Lives!!!

One of the three KayPro II's That Kevin Brought, smoked while playing pacman.

The New KayPro Doorstop.

Hopefully This KayPro II will work.

Nope I guess not. Bummer.
We Later found out that the Capacitors were so old in the power supply,
that they were just going up in smoke from age.
We have since replaced them and they are doing fine.

Dan and New Member Aaron chat about Amiga while Marci plays the Apple //e in the background.

Jonathan and Michael going through Kevin's retro magazines.

New member Aaron chatting with Dan, Michael and Jonathan.

Sal's Atari 2600 and Original NES.

Commodore 64c with new SWINSID.

Sal's decked out Amiga 2000 and his stereo pokey/64k/S-video modded Atari 600XL.

Michael's TI99-4A and Jonathan's Apple //e Running Burgertime.

All the systems that Sal brought.

Pictures from the October meeting. 10-3-2014

Pizza, Soda and Classic Computer Games. Life is good.

Tom playing Zany Golf on his Amiga 500.

Sal's Decked out Amiga 2000.

The Commodore 64c running Shadow of the beast.

Ah, Zaxxon. What more can one say.